Hino MINI bus features a blend of functionality and modern design. The body structure is light and sturdy. Driving is smooth and easy, aided by the simple design of the dash and the wide view of the windscreen. It is capable of performing a variety of diverse tasks efficiently and economically, so driving aroound the congested city is not a problem. This lightweight contender can definitely provide what you’re looking for in a Mini bus.


Hino’s craftsmanship and advanced engineering have made the medium-sized MIDI bus abound in operational versatility and true riding comfort. Its smart styling and highly efficient performance make a combination, unrivalled by other similar vehicles. Its size makes it ideally suited for coursing through city congestions.


The Hino BIG bus has been developed with attention to safety, comfort and performance with the aim of developing a bus capable of carrying passengers in the best possible way. The specially- designed chassis will provide maximum stability and strength under stress of all operational conditions. So whether it’s on city traffic or long provincial ride, sitting inside the Hino BIG bus will still be a very good experience.